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Keep your community informed with alerts & notifications via mobile.

Alerts & notifications

Get information out quickly to people in the community and keep them in the loop with the latest updates.

Community feedback

People can ‘like’ alerts and notifications they receive or opt out of topics.

Places & topics

Link your content with locations and topics so your community can choose what updates to receive.


Measure the success of your communications with key analytics.

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Datascape Websites

Get your website up and running with an intuitive content management system.

Cloud based

No software to install, unlimited websites and automatic updates.

Existing templates & themes

Use existing themes and features optimised for council use.

Online payments

Embed online credit and debit card payments into any page for fast payments.

Embedded forms

Complex forms can be embedded on a web-page and linked to your digital services.

Publish to multiple channels

Manage your content once and deliver it to any platform.

Customer portal

Customers have a single view of all their online interactions and transactions with your council.

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