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Datascape Mobile Capture

Mobile capture form on a tablet

Say goodbye to paper forms

Say hello to digital Smart Forms

Specifically designed for your staff, Datascape Mobile Capture enables you to complete inspections, assessments and audits on any iOS, Android or Windows tablet or phone.

Collect data online or offline

Collect information and record photos, audio, GPS location, signatures and drawings with ready-to-use Smart Forms – even without an internet connection.

Smart Forms capture accurate and complete data every time

By selecting the required fields in Smart Forms, you can always be certain you’re collecting the right data and cross-field validation helps ensure data is within an expected range or standard, eliminating manual errors.

Mobile capture map selection on a tablet

Datascape Mobile Capture works so you don’t have to

Streamline the process for managing jobs

The digital scheduling system manages allocated tasks and captures relevant documentation required for the job, ensuring off-site staff have the right resources even in remote locations.

Streamline back-office coordination

Automated workflow means you can assign tasks to staff, generate documents and deliver communications to the right people without any manual effort, leaving less room for human error.

Synch your back-end systems

Datascape Mobile Capture removes manual data entry and keeps your business and GIS systems up-to-date with information collected during inspections, assessments and audits.

Mobile capture schedule on a tablet

Easier and faster on-the-go jobs

View your schedule no matter where you are

Off-site staff can view their schedule in real-time, which means fewer trips to the office and reduced fuel consumption.

Real-time updates and data look-up

Keep your off-site staff in the loop by sending the latest information directly to their devices. Staff can retrieve information in real-time from internal systems and government agencies, such as previous incidents and potential hazards.

Print without an internet connection

Issue infringements, enforcements, warnings and reports without an internet connection and keep an electronic copy for auditing purposes.

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Use Datascape Mobile Capture to complete jobs, such as

Compliance & Consents Monitoring

  • Animal control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Building warrant of fitness inspections
  • Resource consent condition monitoring
  • Dispute resolution

Environmental Health

  • Alcohol license inspections
  • Food control plan audits
  • Food premises grading
  • Hairdressing premises assessments
  • Health protection license inspections

On Premise

  • Incident & hazard reporting
  • Building inspections
  • Swimming pool fencing inspections
  • Public space inspections
  • Contract management

How Datascape Mobile Capture increases efficiency

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