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Enhance community connections with direct two-way communication

Keep your community informed

Antenno is a mobile app that enables you to communicate and connect with your community. People receive alerts and notifications so they stay up-to-date.

Cut through daily clutter so your communications get heard

Antenno makes people's lives easier by reducing the need to search for information. People choose places they care about, so only receive alerts and notifications that are relevant to them. They can also opt out of topics that aren’t relevant, so you can enhance the value of your posts. In addition, people have the ability to share alerts and notifications with their network, broadening the reach of your messages.

Feedback is just a tap away

Antenno makes it easy for people to submit feedback or report issues,            helping to improve their communities quickly and easily, as well as, increasing community satisfaction and engagement.

This is a great initiative. It is so simple yet effective in finding out what is happening in the area before it has happened.     Resident from Shire of Manjimup
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Grow community awareness and engagement

Receive detailed issues from your community

Antenno makes it easy for people in your community to report issues or send ideas through the app directly to council staff, eliminating the need to identify who to contact or wait in a call queue. This creates a two-way communication loop between council and community.

Quickly measure the success of your communications

You can assess the effectiveness of your communications by using the data received, such as post circulation reach, engagement levels, topic preference trends and other analytics.

Streamline operations

Antenno can be directly integrated into your processing system, generating a simple and fast approach to identifying community concerns.

We get lots of feedback that people don’t want to go looking for information, they want it to come to them.     Mandy Evans, Marlborough District Council

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How does Antenno work?


People choose places they care about

People can access Antenno anonymously and save the places they care about, such as their homes, workplaces, rental properties and schools.

Publish your posts

Publish your posts through a web portal that links to Antenno. Content is allocated to a topic and location. People receive a notification when a place they care about is affected

People can send issues, ideas, and feedback

When people spot a problem or have a suggestion, they can report this quickly and easily, with photos, GPS location, and contact details.

Using Antenno, you can send alerts and notifications on topics like

Public Safety

  • Emergency recovery
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Fire permits & restrictions
  • Health & safety warnings
  • Water quality alerts
  • Biosecurity alerts

Public Infrastructure

  • Facility upgrades & works
  • Power outages
  • Roadworks & closures
  • Water information & restrictions
  • Water outages
  • Spraying & baiting
  • Unplanned & planned shutdowns

Community Information

  • Community notices
  • Local issues & alerts
  • Sports ground closures
  • Swimming pool closures
  • Events & activities

Council Services

  • Rubbish & recycling
  • Community meetings
  • Rates payments
  • Mobile libraries
  • Animal control

With Antenno, you can receive feedback on matters like

Community Issues

  • Dog & animal issues
  • Graffiti & vandalism
  • Health & environment
  • Parks & community facilities
  • Nuisances
  • Feedback & ideas

Infrastructure Issues

  • Parking
  • Roads & footpaths
  • Rubbish & recycling
  • Water & drains

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